An extensive visual database of commonly referenced items and their corresponding dimensions. With Design Dimensions you will find it remarkably easy to navigate through hundreds of illustrated items to find the exact information you are looking for.
Example uses include:

Architect or Designer - Lets say you are designing a kitchen and you want to see what type of sink will fit in the space you have. Just go to this app and tap plumbing. Scroll down until you find the sink you are looking for. Tap on it and a high resolution image of the fixture will appear with a list of the most common sizes below it. Whether you are answering questions about appliance sizes in a client meeting, or sizing a roof beam at the drafting table, this application will have the information you need.

Contractors and Builders - With this application you will always know what building materials are available to you. For instance, maybe you are framing a deck, but you do not know what sizes of lumber you have to choose from. Simply do a quick search for lumber, and you will have a complete list of boards sizes to select from whether it be rough cut, nominal cut lumber, or dimensional lumber. The same exact concept goes for appliances, electrical, or plumbing.

Design Students - Design Dimensions is the perfect studio companion for students! Supplement or replace a number of costly textbooks with this time saving application. Impress your instructors by having projects that are designed right the first time. This application includes an ever-expanding library of the most commonly referenced items in design. With a simple tap of a button this application will also convert all measurements to metric.

Realtors and Homeowners - Have you ever wondered if you can fit a bathtub where the closet is, or if a hot tub will fit in that awkward area on the deck? Be able to find out immediately, not when the thought has passed. A great tool for realizing the potential in homes.

Searchable Categories:
  • ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)
    Ramps, Handrails, Bathrooms, Wheelchars, ect...
  • Appliances
    Air conditioner, Dishwasher, Microwaves, Washing Machines, ect...
  • Small Appliances
    Blender, Hand Dryer, Ironing Board, Toaster, ect...
  • Construction Materials
    Anchor Bolts, Bricks, Floor Joists, Glue Lam Beams, ect...
  • Electrical
    Outlets, Switch Plates, Breaker Boxes, ect...
  • Electronics
    Computers, Monitors, Televisions, Speakers, ect...
  • Furniture
    Bookcases, Cabinetry, Chairs, Tables, ect...
  • Lighting
    Flourescent Lights, Lamps, Exit Lighting, ect...
  • Plumbing
    Bathtub, Hot Tub, PVC Pipe, Sinks, Water Heaters, ect...
  • Recreation
    Baseball Field, Basketball Hoop, Tennis Court, ect...
  • Transportation
    Cars, Parking Spaces, Rafts, Trucks, ect...
Key Features:
  • An ever expanding database of the most commonly referenced design items
  • In app searching - Helps you quickly narrow the results of your search
  • Metric conversion - Every dimension is natively displayed in feet and inches, but can be converted to metric with the click of a button
  • Visual search - Every item is displayed with a 3 dimensional drawing thumbnail
  • Save money on costly design reference books
  • Items listed in alphabetical order
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